The Lost Daughter of Easa

After falling through a portal, a seventeen-year-old girl awakens lost in a forest with amnesia and must draw on her instincts and self-preservation to escape ravenous wild beasts, goblins, demons, and a dark witch who knows the secret of her past.

The Lost Daughter of Easa is the first book in the Elsie Lind series by J. L. Mulvihill.

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The Lost Daughter of Easa


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And the story goes...

Locked deep within a lost girl’s mind are haunting dreams, and childhood memories that hold the key to her survival. This is the beginning of the battle of her life, the struggle to claim her identity. However, bad choices and trusting in the wrong sort of guidance put her in a position where she is a criminal on the run. Now in this medieval land where magic influences technology and beings of folklore are as real as the demons they fight, an ancient threat endangers the entire land. The struggle of identity not only influences a lost girl but two brothers conflicting with their own character flaws and dislike for each other. Between these three unlikely companions an evil must be stopped before its power gains strength and takes hold of Authora and . . .

The Lost Daughter of Easa.

 The Lost Daughter of Easa is a young adult fantasy/sci-fi novel that brings back the classic fantasy genre while incorporating forgotten folklore from a primarily Nordic and Celtic history. A Wizard of Earth Sea meets a Wrinkle in Time, this novel appeals to young adults as well as adults.

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Kristen Haskell said...

How do you feel about everything? Do you like the font? Do you like the title "And the story goes..." ?
I still don't have the poem.

Personally I really like this and think it will continue to improve with time and future posts.

BTW I always try to include a photo with each post. Even if it is an abstract or google image I think it is appealing to readers.