The Lost Daughter of Easa

After falling through a portal, a seventeen-year-old girl awakens lost in a forest with amnesia and must draw on her instincts and self-preservation to escape ravenous wild beasts, goblins, demons, and a dark witch who knows the secret of her past.

The Lost Daughter of Easa is the first book in the Elsie Lind series by J. L. Mulvihill.

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The Lost Daughter of Easa


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I am a native Californian living in Mississippi. I love writing and have written poetry, short stories and song lyrics from the time that I first learned to write. My most recent short stories are featured in the anthology, Memories and Dreams, published by The Fine Arts Center in Hot Springs, AR. I also love to cook and have developed many original recipes. Recently, I coupled one of my favorite recipes with a short story called, Jen's Spicy Crawfish Bisque which appears in It's All About Food with a Mississippi Twist. My first novel was accepted for publication and scheduled for release sometime before Labor Day 2011. I have written several articles for the Jackson Literature Examiner. I am also an event's coordinator for the Mississippi chapter of Imagicopter, an organization of authors and artists who promote their own publications, while lending a hand to other writers and artists. I belong to the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Gulf Coast Writers Association (GCWA), The Mississippi Writers Guild (MWG), as well as The Arts Council of Clinton, The Clinton Ink-Slingers Writing Group and the JavaInk Jotters.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sightings of the Spider Witch

There have been a slew of rumors going around that the Spider Witch has escaped from her prison and has made it to Earth.  There is no confirmation of this since contact cannot be made with Authora.  However, recent sightings of the Spider Witch in North America as far north as Louisville, KY at FandomFest, and as far south as Jackson, MS have been surfacing.  There is no real evidence of the Spider Witch being in any of these places but if anyone has any information or verification of these sightings please contact J L Mulvihill immediately. 

This is a very serious matter.  If the Spider has indeed escaped from her prison then she will no doubt be planning to make her way to Atlanta, GA to attend Dragon*Con.  There is no telling what her plans are and what evil she will lose upon the unsuspecting attendees of Dragon*Con but rest assured it will not be pretty.

The Spider Witch is a dangerous woman and must not be trifled with.  She has been known to be accompanied by the Arachne or for the lay person, fourteen-foot spiders with ravenous appetites.

The only picture we have of the Spider Witch is a drawing by the artist Charles Walter Jett, who risked his life in getting a glance at the witch in order to portray a very life-like portrait of her for the public awareness.
art by Charles Jett
Be vigilant
and on your guard!

Friday, July 22, 2011

FandomFest 2011
Author J L Mulvihill is on her way to Louisville, KY to attend FandomFest as a guest author. FandomFest in conjunction with Fright Night Film Fest is hosting a huge three day event filled with gaming, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, movies, seminars, literary, art, celebrities, events, contests, education, and of course fun.  A plethora of talented and famous guests which are attending the Con include John Carpenter, Henry Winkler, Susan Backlinie, Robert Carradine, Curtis Armstron, Don Gibb, Candy Clark, Paul Lemat, and the zombies of the Walking Dead, just to name a few.

There will be over 30 authors attending, some of whom are New York Times Best Sellers. There will be a large literary track to attend as well as panels of all sorts for every genre.  There will also be over 250 vendors working which include some of Jen’s favorite publishers such as Kerlak Publishing, Apex Publishing, and Seventh Star Press, not to mention vendors offering jewelry, clothes, collectibles and other fun stuff.

If you find yourself in the area of Louiseville, KY or you fancy a drive or a little vacation, Jen suggests you come on out to FandomFest and see if you can find her.  Instead of  where’s Waldo, it will be where’s Jen!  When you find her, mention this website and you will get a special treat from Jen. Good Luck!   So come on out, it will be guaranteed fun and the place will be rockin!