The Lost Daughter of Easa

After falling through a portal, a seventeen-year-old girl awakens lost in a forest with amnesia and must draw on her instincts and self-preservation to escape ravenous wild beasts, goblins, demons, and a dark witch who knows the secret of her past.

The Lost Daughter of Easa is the first book in the Elsie Lind series by J. L. Mulvihill.

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The Lost Daughter of Easa


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I am a native Californian living in Mississippi. I love writing and have written poetry, short stories and song lyrics from the time that I first learned to write. My most recent short stories are featured in the anthology, Memories and Dreams, published by The Fine Arts Center in Hot Springs, AR. I also love to cook and have developed many original recipes. Recently, I coupled one of my favorite recipes with a short story called, Jen's Spicy Crawfish Bisque which appears in It's All About Food with a Mississippi Twist. My first novel was accepted for publication and scheduled for release sometime before Labor Day 2011. I have written several articles for the Jackson Literature Examiner. I am also an event's coordinator for the Mississippi chapter of Imagicopter, an organization of authors and artists who promote their own publications, while lending a hand to other writers and artists. I belong to the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Gulf Coast Writers Association (GCWA), The Mississippi Writers Guild (MWG), as well as The Arts Council of Clinton, The Clinton Ink-Slingers Writing Group and the JavaInk Jotters.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Spirits That Walk Among Us.


SouthernStar Press Proudly Announces Cover Reveal of Southern Haunts, Spirits That Walk Among Us Anthology.   Seventh Star Press is proud to unveil the brand new cover art by Enggar Adirasa forSouthern Haunts, Spirits That Walk Among Us, a paranormal-themed anthology from editors Alexander S. Brown and J.L. Mulvihill. The book will be released at MidSouth Con in Memphis the Weekend of March 22-24, 2013. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shadowcon 2013

Herika R. Raymer; H. David Blalock; Tommy Hancock; J L Mulvihill & Debra Parmley

6:00 panel at ShadowCon "So you want to be a writer"

Once again I attended ShadowCon only this year I had the Honor of being their Honored Literary Guest which I thank them for.  I had a wonderful time, made new friends, saw old friends, had the opportunity to talk about interesting subjects with like minds, and judge a costume contest with very talented people. I urge every one of you to try an attend this convention at least once if not every year. I guarantee you will have the best time ever.

Monday, June 25, 2012

J L Mulvihill would like to announce that as well as working on the sequel to The Lost Daughter of Easa, Elsindai, she is now also working on a young adult steampunk series, Steel Roots. Follow link for details.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

There are some people in the world who deserve tribute not just because they are famous or because of why they are famous, but because of their accomplishments and the inspiration that their achievements bring to others. I do not put people on pedestals simply because they are people and they have character flaws as we all do. It does not matter if they make more money than me or even if they are famous they are still human beings. I do however, admire and respect them because they have managed to achieve their goals in life and inspire others to do the same. They also add joy to the world if but only a little for those who seek a precious moment of escape from their life or themselves. They show that even the smallest and most insignificant of any of us can and do mean a lot to the big picture as a whole. My hat is off to those people in the world who have personally inspired me and many others. I will not name names because there are way too many of them out there who inspire me and because some of them are my friends and I do not wish to embarrass them, but they know who they are. For me this respect is given by my treatment of them, my friendship, my secret admiration, or a special gift from the heart, and sometimes my promotion of them and their work. Sometimes even just a smile can be the greatest gift in the world, but that is another Post.

Monday, March 26, 2012

MidSouth Con 30

In these uncertain times when politics and financial woes dominate the energy around us, there is one sure and positive thing, at least in my life, that brings a short break from all the chaos; MidSouth Con. This is a place, no matter where the venue, where I have found people who share my interest and I feel at ease. MidSouth Con is a place where for one weekend reality melts away and the world outside ceases to exist. Yes, another fabulous weekend at MidSouth Con has gone by and I grudgingly bring myself back to work. However, all is not lost for though MidSouth is passed and I have to wait a whole year until it returns, I have been reset. The inspirational juices are flowing and the synergy surges through me as I look forward to new projects and old projects seen in a new light. I thank you once again to all the staff at MidSouth Con for the invigoration and the borrowing of your lifeline for the recharging of my own. Also I would like to say, that being a guest this year has offered me the opportunity to give back a little as well and in turn offer up some of the wisdom I have gleaned off others over the years to those who seek the knowledge as I once did. I also would like to thank my esteemed colleagues for their offerings as well for I have learned from them and as always treasure every piece of valued information they give me. To the honored guests who graced MidSouth with their treasures of knowledge and beautiful faces as well as personalities, I thank you and beg your forgiveness if I personally was unaware of your status or brilliant works. My only defense in my ignorance is that "I am only an egg." To my new friends, I thank you for the honor to have met you and to be allowed to call you friend for I feel one can never have too many. To my fans and those who enjoy my stories, I thank you as well with all my heart for your support and kind words for it is you who inspire me as well. Alas I now turn away and go into the world for another year but I leave you with one last thought, "LONG LIVE MOOSE AND SQUIRREL! Oh and CARL!"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15, 2011 Review by author J. Moffett Walker

New author, Jennifer Mulvihill, has penned an interesting fantasy entitled, The Lost Daughter of Easa.
This book kept me reading from the beginning to the end, which is unusual for a non-fantasy reader. Although the book has sixty- nine chapters, the chapters are short and that mesmerized me and motivated me to want more and more. The short chapters helped me to read all three hundred and thirty-nine pages, every drop.
Mulvihill went to great length developing her characters; that included the protagonist, Elsie, those who helped her and all the many villains. One interesting point was how she described her non-human characters. One example, which was one of my favorite chapters, included Elsie’s encounter with a tree that engulfed her.

The foreshadowing technique the author used, readers can easily underestimate the value of the clues.

If you are a fantasy lover, this book is a must read for you. Like me, I believe others will enjoy The Lost Daughter of Easa.


December Book Review of The Lost Daughter of Easa from Terry, MS